Registration location, date and time will be posted on our website several weeks before deadline. Team representative must be responsible to pass along all RSC forms to their teammates to sign and hand in. All forms will be available online. Team fee, rosters and waivers must be submitted on registration day. All dues are due no later than the first week of the season opener. Nonpayment past week one may result in games being forfeited until final payment. (NO REFUNDS)

Player(s)interested but do not have a team can register online as a free agent. All players must be in the Hospitality business to join RSC. Proof of employment and ID will be required. Online registration section: Register Here


To be part of RSC leagues, he or she MUST be in the Hospitality business. Some past players that are not in the hospitality business anymore can be grandfather into the league.

Roster: Some RSC co-ed sports are required for girls to be in the line-up/roster. Players must at least play 4 games during the regular season to be legible to play in the post season. Final roster changes and adding new players must be met by deadline (3rd week of the regular season). Any changes after deadline or player(s) are not in the hospitality business will result in penalties. Penalties may be forfeiting games, even playoff games and/or player ejection from league.

Grandfather: Must be part of RSC for two years to be considered in the grandfather clause. Three grandfather limit per team.

Free Agent: Any person (male or female) in the hospitality business that does not have an existing team at the establishment they work for can register online as a free agent. All drafts must be reviewed by the league representative(s) before any final decision. Two free agent limit per team (Bigger establishments). Four free agents limit per team (Smaller establishments)


RSC Fall Outdoor Flag Football League consists of 8 vs 8 players, Indoor Flag Football consists o 7 vs 7 players. You can start a game with only 7 players (for 8 vs 8) and 6 players (for 7 vs 7). Playing with less than 7 or 6 players will results in an automatic forfeit. Flag Football general rules that are not RSC rules are used from USA Flag Football Association.

Games: Games are scheduled Monday Mornings and/or Afternoons. Time slots vary from 10: 00 AM thru 1: 00 PM. Time slots may change depending on amount of teams in the league.

Time Limit: 20 minutes per half (2 halves per game). The clock will start at the jump ball. Within the last 2-minutes of each half, the clock will stop on out of bounds plays, personal foul, team time-outs and Official’s timeout. Before the last 2 minutes, the clock will stop only after a time-out, injury and/or Official’s time-out. Under a minute remaining in regulation or overtime, the clock will stop after a basket is made. Each team will have 3 time-outs per half (cannot be carried over into next half if not used.)

Mercy Rule: Game will be called in the second half under 2 minutes with the margin being 18 points or more.

Overtime: Tie game will result in Overtime. Each team will start with one possession to score from midfield. No score from either team, a last possession from midfield will be given to each team. No score will result in a tie. Each team will be awarded 1 additional time-out per Overtime.

Standings Tie Breaker

  • Team with more points

  • Team with less scored against.

  • Team with more standing points for.

Posession: A coin toss will be used to determine first possession.

The offensive team takes possession of the ball at its 10-yard line and has four (4) plays to cross midfield. Once the team crosses midfield, it has four (4) plays to score a touchdown.

On 4th Down, the team has the choice to go for it or throw the ball. The return team has the chance to return the ball.

Dead Call: If the whistle is blown prematurely, the team in possession at the time will have the choice to play to the point of the whistle or the down over. If the ball is loose by pass at the time, the down will be replayed.

Offense: Offensive line consists of a minimum of three lineman and/or Tied end, Center he has to snap the ball between his legs or from his side of his leg, as long as his shoulders must be parallel with the line of scrimmage when he snaps the ball. Use of the hands is allowed by the offensive line.

If the ball hits the ground while the center is snapping, the ball is live for the Quarterback only.

QB does NOT have to be rushed in order to run. He can run at any time.

Only one player is allowed in motion at the time of the snap.

Teams may hand off, pitch or throw back the football in the backfield only. The player who receives the pitch or hand off, may throw the ball as long as he is not passed the line of scrimmage. Multiple hand offs are allowed behind the line of scrimmage but only one pitch or throwback.

A ball carrier may get up and advance with the ball if he falls, unless touched while down. The flag does not have to be pulled if he is down.

The ball carrier must never shield the flags (flag guarding) with his hand or ball, crawl or dive to advance or toss the ball in the air to avoid his flag from being pulled. It will be called at the spot of the infringement.

If the ball carrier loses his flag belt, the one-hand touch is enforced. If he loses his flag due to the defender, the play is dead at the spot where the belt falls

If during the play, the ball carrier’s jersey is covering the flags and the defense cannot pull flags, one-hand touch is enforced.

If the ball carrier uses the ball to prevent himself from falling, ball is dead at the spot of the foul.

Stiff arms are Not Allowed. No diving to advance on the play. No hurdling over a defender unless he is down on the ground. No Spinning to avoid flag being pulled.

The receiver must have one foot inbounds for a legal catch. A receiver, who steps out of bounds, becomes ineligible, unless pushed out by a defender. If the receiver is pushed out of bounds by a defender during the act of catching the ball, an official may rule that the player would’ve been in bounds without contact and award the catch. The receiver must control the ball throughout the act of touching one foot or any other part of the body except the hands, to the ground in bounds.

The offensive team has 30 seconds from the ball being spotted, to snap the ball or it will result in a 5 yard delay of game penalty. The offense is responsible for retrieving the ball and bringing it back to the official as quickly as possible. Otherwise, a Delay of Game penalty will result.

End Zone celebrations are allowed as long as players do not taunt opponents.

Dead Balls:
  • Incomplete pass
  • Ball carrier goes out of bounds
  • Fumble is a dead ball except after snap

Fumbles: There are no fumble recoveries after the ball hits the ground. If a player losses possession, it is a live ball and may be advanced as long as the ball doesn’t hit the ground. However, the offensive team may not advance a ball caught forward of the player losing possession. If a ball carrier fumbles the ball from the field into the opponent’s end zone, it is a touchback and the opposing team will take the ball and receive 2 points.

Blocking: Hands are allowed to block down field. No lunging or blind side hitting allowed, it will be considered a personal foul.



  • CONVERSION (from 3 yard line) = 1 POINT

  • CONVERSION (from 10 yard line) = 2 POINTS



Defense: Blocking outside of the line of scrimmage is allowed, but NO contact such as tackling, elbowing, cheap shots, blind side hits or any unsportsmanlike conduct. Tackling of a player will result in a player ejection, suspension and/or permanent ban. Any tackle to prevent a touchdown will result in an automatic touchdown.

The defense is not allowed to simulate offensive calls by trying to sound like the QB.

Defense of lineman(s) can cross the line of scrimmage after a 3 mississippi count.

Defense of lineman(s) must line up on the line of scrimmage. He or she can not drop back to pass cover.

Each team is allowed 1 blitz every 4 downs from the line of scrimmage. Defensive players can rush the QB every down (7 yards from the line of scrimmage, unlimited rushers). Once the ball has been handed off or pitched, the 7 yard rule is no longer in effect and all defenders are eligible to blitz.

The defense must not initiate contact with any receiver. The defender cannot use contact to break up a pass play or shield the receiver’s eyes (pass interference).

Defender cannot bat down, strike or pull on the arm of the QB while attempting to throw ball



Injury: Any player who is bleeding or has an open wound is prohibited from participating further in the game until appropriate treatment has been administered. Player must sit out if feeling nauseating or concussions like symptoms.

Safety: All RSC players must read and understand game rules so we can prevent injuries. Players should stretch and use protective gear at all times. No metal cleats are allowed!

Drafts/Trades: Any player can be drafted once the player registers on our online Draft/Free agent board. A player can be traded to another team BUT ONLY with the consent of the captain/manager. Both captains/mangers from each team must sign off on the trade. All drafts, trades and rosters must be finalized before final roster deadline. All players must be in the Hospitality business.

Game Updates: Game scores, standings, news and updates will be posted within 24hrs from the end of the game played.www.restaurantsports.com.


  • All players must be in a uniform Jersey for the game. No Jersey, the player cannot play until 10 minutes into the game. The shirt must be the same style and color for all players. League supplies the Jerseys.

  • Players cannot swap jerseys during games. Each player must wear the same number throughout the season. Player’s caught swapping jerseys will not be permitted to play.

  • All players must wear acceptable shorts or sweat pants. No jeans or cut off shorts. Spandex may be worn underneath the uniform short.

  • All players must wear proper athletic sneakers or cleats. No player should play in a wedge-style sneaker, street shoes with rubber soles or metal cleats. NO EXCEPTIONS! Metal cleats are not permitted. Any player caught with metal cleats during the game will be ejected from the game.

  • Knee, elbow pads and mouth guards are recommended and should be part of the uniform.

  • NO JEWELRY should be worn during games. This includes the rubber bracelets, hair bands, rubber bands, etc. on wrists.

  • If player loses Jersey, he/she must purchase another Jersey from the league before playing the following week. Please Note: Price for replacement shirt is $40.

  • Players must have their game shirts for playoffs and championship games. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Conduct: Player’s code of conduct will be strictly enforced before, during and after each game while at any field location. Team captains are held responsible for their teams’ actions on the field. Only captains are allowed to speak to the officials regarding a call or any other inquiries.

Zero Tolerance for: fighting, threats and continuous foul language may result in league suspension/expulsion. Any player involved in a physical altercation will be ejected from the game. If a player gets into a fight with another player, both players will be ejected from the game and face suspension/expulsion from the league

All individuals are responsible for their own actions after the games are done. We ask for players to take off any RSC apparel if going to act up in any public establishment. RSC is not responsible for any off the field issues.

No Drinking Alcohol while game(s) is in progress. No Smoking on the field.

Players must clean after themselves when leaving the field. Permits can be revoked for littering.


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