Registration location, date and time will be posted on our website several weeks before deadline. Team representative must be responsible to pass along all RSC forms to their teammates to sign and hand in. All forms will be available online. Team fee, rosters and waivers must be submitted on registration day. All dues are due no later than the first week of the season opener. Nonpayment past week one may result in games being forfeited until final payment. (NO REFUNDS)

Player(s)interested but do not have a team can register online as a free agent. All players must be in the Hospitality business to join RSC. Proof of employment and ID will be required. Online registration section: Register Here


To be part of RSC leagues, he or she MUST be in the Hospitality business. Some past players that are not in the hospitality business anymore can be grandfather into the league.

Roster: Some RSC co-ed sports are required for girls to be in the line-up/roster. Players must at least play 4 games during the regular season to be legible to play in the post season. Final roster changes and adding new players must be met by deadline (3rd week of the regular season). Any changes after deadline or player(s) are not in the hospitality business will result in penalties. Penalties may be forfeiting games, even playoff games and/or player ejection from league.

Grandfather: Must be part of RSC for two years to be considered in the grandfather clause. Three grandfather limit per team.

Free Agent: Any person (male or female) in the hospitality business that does not have an existing team at the establishment they work for can register online as a free agent. All drafts must be reviewed by the league representative(s) before any final decision. Two free agent limit per team (Bigger establishments). Four free agents limit per team (Smaller establishments)


RSC Winter Co-Ed Volleyball League consists of 6 vs 6 players on the court, minimum of 2 female players on the court at all time. A set may be played with 5 players if missing 1 girl – no less. If a team has less than 5 players, that team must forfeit the set(s). Best out of 3 sets are played. Standings are according to matches, not sets. Five points will be awarded to the team that wins best out of three sets. No points to the losing team. If a team wins one set but loses the match, that team will be awarded 2 points. Volleyball general rules that are not RSC rules are used from NCAA.

Games: Games are scheduled Monday afternoons and/or nights. Time slots vary from 11:00 AM thru 3:00 PM and 7:00 PM thru 11:00 PM. Time slots may change depending on amount of teams in the league.

Time Limit: Sets played to 21 points and have a 23 point cap on all sets. The winning team must win by a margin of two points. All divisions will play rally scoring. Each set and match(s) will have a time limit.

Mercy Rule: No Mercy Rule.

Overtime: Each set and match(s) will have a time limit. Team with the highest score will win the set once the time expires.

Standings Tie Breaker

  • Team with more points

  • Team with less scored against.

  • Team with more standing points for.

Officiating Fact Sheet – for Officials and Line Judges

  • Rally scoring. (2) 21-point sets, win by (2) 23 point cap for each set.

  • Best out of 3 sets.

  • Unlimited substitutions.

  • Rules of games are enforced with out of position and overlapping.

In all divisions, third set is NOT a deciding set; therefore, teams will not switch sides during third set. Coin toss to decide serve/receive/side before the 3rd set.



Injury: Any player who is bleeding or has an open wound is prohibited from participating further in the game until appropriate treatment has been administered. Player must sit out if feeling nauseating or concussions like symptoms.

Safety: All RSC players must read and understand game rules so we can prevent injuries. Players should stretch and use protective gear at all times.

Drafts/Trades: Any player can be drafted once the player registers on our online Draft/Free agent board. A player can be traded to another team BUT ONLY with the consent of the captain/manager. Both captains/mangers from each team must sign off on the trade. All drafts, trades and rosters must be finalized before final roster deadline. All players must be in the Hospitality business.

Game Updates: Game scores, standings, news and updates will be posted within 24hrs from the end of the game


  • All players must be in a uniform Jersey for the game. No Jersey, the player cannot play until 10 minutes into the game. The shirt must be the same style and color for all players. League supplies the Jerseys.

  • Players cannot swap jerseys during games. Each player must wear the same number throughout the season. Player’s caught swapping jerseys will not be permitted to play.

  • All players must wear acceptable shorts. No jeans or cut off shorts. Spandex may be worn underneath the uniform short.

  • All players must wear proper athletic sneakers. No player should play in a wedge-style sneaker or street shoes with rubber soles. Sneakers should be laced and tied properly.

  • Knee pads are recommended and should be part of the uniform.

  • NO JEWELRY should be worn during games. This includes the rubber bracelets, hair bands, rubber bands, etc. on wrists.NO taped ears.

  • If player loses Jersey, he/she must purchase another Jersey from the league before playing the following week. Please Note: Price for replacement shirt is $25.

  • Players must have their game shirts for playoffs and championship games. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Conduct: Player’s code of conduct will be strictly enforced before, during and after each game while at any field location. Team captains are held responsible for their teams’ actions on the field. Only captains are allowed to speak to the officials regarding a call or any other inquiries.

Zero Tolerance for: fighting, threats and continuous foul language may result in league suspension/expulsion. Any player involved in a physical altercation will be ejected from the game. If a player gets into a fight with another player, both players will be ejected from the game and face suspension/expulsion from the league

All individuals are responsible for their own actions after the games are done. We ask for players to take off any RSC apparel if going to act up in any public establishment. RSC is not responsible for any off the field issues.

No Drinking Alcohol while game(s) is in progress. No Smoking on the field.

Players must clean after themselves when leaving the field. Permits can be revoked for littering.


All Officials are registered with NCAA. Each official is required to know all RSC rules and regular game rules. All Officials must at all times act professional and represent RSC with pride!

Zero Tolerance:

  • Not knowing RSC and game rules.

  • Using foul language to players and around spectators.

  • Leaving early (Hurrying up games).

  • Betting on RSC game.

  • Alcohol Consumption.

  • Using their phone in the middle of a game.

  • Favoring and hanging out with teams after a game.

Any of these actions will be considered termination.

Official’s fee must be paid before game time.


Rainouts: News of a Rainout will be posted on the website 2 hours prior to game time. The first rain-out will be rescheduled for the last week of the season. All other rain-outs will be determined as the season goes on. Games due to weather may be called off due to: bad weather conditions, bad travel conditions and/or parks closed. News Alert on will be updated weekly during season.

Make up's: Team’s rescheduled games will be posted two week in advance to give notice to players.


Pre-Game Protest: If a Captain/Manager has an issue with other team roster or Officials before the game begins, he or she is advised to let the game Reps know so they can resolve issue(s).

During Game Protest: Captain/Manager is granted one life line to stop the game and call the commissionaire to resolve on the court issue(s). It has to be a serious issue(s), not judgment calls.

Post-Game Protest: All protest must be submitted in an email within 48 hrs. No protest will be considered through text/phone call and after 48 hrs.


Official forfeit time for game is 15 minutes after first set. Commissioner must be informed of any game forfeits with 24hr notice to not get hit with a forfeit fee. Teams forfeiting at the last minute are responsible for a $40 forfeit fee. Forfeit fee will be deducted from $100 deposit. Third forfeit, team will be expelled from the league.


League: League will provide official leather game volleyball, regulation net set up, visible score and Score Keeper .

Team: Proper athletic sneakers, protective pads and bench supplies are team/player responsibility.


Per Team Official Fee: Regular Season

30$ per game

Playoffs TBA

Forfeit fee: $40

Extra Jersey Fee: $25

Registration Fee: will be posted on the website couple of months before the registration deadline. Fee may vary from other leagues

Registration Fee Includes:

  • Team Shirts

  • Game Equipment/Personnel

  • Field Permits

  • Field Insurance

  • Trophy(s)

  • Grand Prize(s)


Prize(s) will be determined by how many teams are in the league. Average $100 per team prize value


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